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Sri Lanka is a magical destination, surrounded by the splashing waves of the Indian Ocean. Shrouded in myth and graced with tropical rainforests, Sri Lanka is famously known as the serendipitous isle.

We are an island of beautiful smiles, spectacular landscapes and spiritual wellness at the very core. In fact we don’t say ‘Hello’ when we meet you, instead our traditional greeting is ‘Ayubowan’ that wishes you a wealth of good health in our healing arms. Everything about the island is meant to tug at the senses, enchant the mind and enhance every experience. There’s something truly magical about our little island that’s not quite explicable – we suggest that you land on our shores, dig your toes into the sand, gaze on our diamond-studded ocean and experience it for yourself.

If you’re not the sort who loves the ocean, there are many other specialties that the island has to offer, because it truly is a place for everyone. Head to our jungles to encounter majestic elephants, and a lazy leopard as he lounges high up in the branches of a tree. Drive up to our lush mountainsides to bathe in waterfalls or walk through manicured tea plantations. Visit our ancient palaces and worship old gods in ruined temples across the land.

Whatever your desire, your dream vacation and your fantasy voyage might be, there’s something here on the island that’s bound to be your cup of tea. Come to Sri Lanka and find a dream that’s waiting to come to true in this special, little paradise.

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