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A sister city to Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa holds as much history and magnificence of its own variety. The two cities are considered to be companion tours due to their proximity and significance in the island’s storyline.

It is also, undoubtedly the most well planned of all the surviving ancient kingdoms of Sri Lanka containing all its myriad tombs, temples, statues, stoopas and other structures within a quadrangular space making the entire kingdom a single, long lasting visit. This sense of containment gives you an idea of how the ancients lived in a single panoramic glance. Look on the magnificence and imagine marketers haggling for goods, priests burning incense at pyres and kings looking down at their people as the bustle of this ancient city must have continued.
Polonnaruwa is also another UNESCO declared World Heritage Site. Its architectural and artistic signature is different to that of Anuradhapura in that it contains elements of Hindu culture instead of purely Sinhalese and Buddhism centered pieces. For one, the moonstone at the entrance has no signs of bulls or cows, owing to the fact that you wouldn’t want to step on Lord Shiva’s mount before you enter a sacred place or holy building. The symbiotic survival of both Sinhalese and Tamil in the artistry across Polonnaruwa is certainly noteworthy and not to be missed on your journey here. 

Something you might also find interesting is that the band Duran Duran filmed the music video for the chart topping hit, Save a Prayer for Me Now mostly set in the ruins if Polonnaruwa among other places on the island.

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