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On arrival in Sri Lanka – this is probably the closest resort spot to the airport itself so we recommend that you stopover here on your way in to the rest of the country or as your last stop before you embark on your journey back home. We recommend the former because it’s an ideal way to get a feel of how Sri Lanka works before heading out to experience the rest of the island.

Referred to as Meegamuwa by locals meaning a group of bees, Negombo was thus named by the Portuguese and boasts one of the oldest fishing industries in the country and many Colombo based people come to buy early morning catches of live freshwater crabs to take home for a Sunday curry – something you can also do while you are there. The fisherman’s boats here are also a novel sight – their oruwas (sailing canoes) and paruwas (catamarans) have the distinct style of boats you would find in Mozambique – a style said to have brought here by Portuguese traders in the 17th Century.

A host of luxury and budget hotels are scattered around the Negombo beach and lagoon made to suit any pocket and the town also comes with an active nightlife for dining, drinking & dancing.

Historically too, Negombo was known as a central spot for cinnamon during the Dutch era of the island’s colonized period. The Dutch captured Negombo from the Portuguese in 1640 and once again in 1644 after which it was taken over by the British in 1796. These three cultures meld in with a Sri Lankan air and charm to create a diverse experience for the visitor.

While the town is a busy place for trade and commerce, the shorelines remain quieter for the visitor, save for the spots that sell fish in the morning which are a unique experience as well. Come taste, see and feel all that Negombo has to offer as a starting taste of what all of Sri Lanka can give you in a single visit.

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