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Your South Coast journey is incomplete without hitting the beaches of the tiny town of Mirissa, set in a crescent shaped bay, similar to Unawatuna, but less crowded and certainly with more relaxing vibrations. Spread a towel over a beach chair, open a book, sip on Pina Coladas or try a local Arrack Sour and spend the day in the lazy, balmy sun. Wake up and throw yourself in the ocean for a quick wake-up splash and head to one of the night spots on the beach – we recommend Zephyr, the west wind themed bar on the South West coastline.

Mirissa is also one of the great places for whale and dolphin watching in Sri Lanka – negotiate with one of the boatmen on the beach and they’ll take you out for a ride with schools of whales or a pod of dolphins out to feed with their babies in tow – they will swim and come up for air just a few feet away from where you stand. The experience is incredible certainly one you’ll want to have when in Mirissa. Mirissa is also a fishing port and if you like fresh fish, try waking up in the early hours of the day and watch the fishermen bring in their catch from the night before – pick some fresh tuna and take it back to your hotel – their chefs will be more than happy to make it for you. If not, you could merely tell your hotel what you want to eat that night and they will ensure the freshest of fish is served to you.

Mirissa epitomizes the ocean paradise Sri Lanka often boasts along with both sunrises and sunsets depending on your chosen vantage point. A word of warning – you just might fall in love with the beachside bliss Mirissa has to offer so we recommend that this isn’t just a stopover but a place to spend a good few days basking in all its glory.

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