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Nestled between a quiet strip of ocean and river, Bentota is just over an hour’s drive from Colombo and is another ocean paradise spot most famous for its offer of a number of water sports for adventure enthusiasts. While you take the busy Galle Road to get here, the actual accommodation spot and activity centers are situated in a secluded area of the town.

Bentota is strewn with classy, package hotels located on a golden, sandy beach making it the perfect spot for sun and fun, with many Ayurvedic spas and health centers located within the hotel premises as well, owing to its focus on holistic healing and alternate medical practices. Spend one day on a jet ski, another lounging by a pool and yet another encased in herbal wraps and luxurious massages to get a complete feel of what Bentota is all about. 

If you want a different atmosphere, venture back to the main road and checkout the loud and grating fish market in Aluthgama just minutes away from the Bentota hotspots or visit the ancient Galpatha Viharaya, one of a cluster of 5 similar temples in the area. Remains of a tiny 17th century Portuguese Fort could be another stop on your tour of the area, which is now a rest house you could in fact stay in.  

One sight you could walk to is the point where the river and ocean meet at the very end of the strip of hotels in Bentota, a place for meetings and coming together, emulating the nature around you. Sir James Emerson Tennent the one-time colonial secretary in the then Ceylon once recorded that this specific location, shaded by Tamarind trees is probably one of the most agreeable places on the island.

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