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Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is paradise for the surfer and the lover of sunrises. Slap bang in the heart of the island’s East Coast, the Bay promises to start your day with a magical horizon that slowly lights up the rest of the world around you as dawn breaks. Even if you come here just to enjoy lazy days in the sun, it’s worth it stay up all night or wake up before the sun does – just to watch the day come to life.

A map of Arugam Bay looks like a crescent moon – a curl that brings in monstrous waves for the surfer to ride back to shore. Scores of beachfront guesthouses and a few rare luxury destinations complete the accommodation selection, this has become a hippie and surfer hotspot that brings in the same people year after year, creating a family spirit among the locals and tourists alike.

While not everyone who comes here is a surfer, during high season even those who spend their days in the hammock wake up to enjoy the vibrant nightlife during the May to November season. Popular night spots playing anything from reggae to electronic dance music to psychedelic trance, give you a good reason to party all night so you can watch the sunrise before you sleep.

Other times of the year are quieter and many bars and cafes close up and head for the South when the party moves in that direction. The quiet Arugam Bay is also great to visit from late November to early march, giving you a slower-paced yet equally magical trip.

This is what you have to remember about Arugam Bay is simple – the sun will rise just as magically, no matter when you come or who you are.

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